God Wasn’t Cold In Baguio

We left for Baguio daybreak of Thursday, 24th January, 2019. We were en-route for the CFC Mission Core Retreat as service team. I left with a worried and uneasy heart because the social media team still lacked of manpower. I just prayed to God while on the way. There was actually a glimpse of chances that a graphic artist would be able to make it to the retreat but I was still anxious. We arrived in Baguio safely but my mind can’t stop overthinking. But as I am called to trust in the work of the Holy Spirit and be led by the grace of God, I decided to rest it on Him.

“Lord, ikaw na mag graphic artist please,” I jokingly said to Him.

It was a joke turned to reality when Day 1 of the retreat came and God answered my prayer. The internet’s signal in the venue is very slow and can’t accommodate our goal to update online every now and then… that’s why we decided to do photo highlights at the end of the day instead.

Why it was an answered prayer? Because if there was a signal, I would be tearing myself into two doing both writing and doing the graphics at the same time (which I know was impossible), and God made sure that what was asked of me was achievable.

This retreat and the whole Baguio experience reminded me that it is only by the grace of God that impossible things are made possible. It is in trusting in Him that your anxiousness fades and your heart learns to be at peace. It is in genuinely allowing Him to move through you that you are able to radiate His light.

Totoo pa rin talaga.

Kapag ang Diyos ang nagbigay, Siya lamang ang makapagpupuno.
2019-01-28 102180452445209417554..jpg

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