He Remains The Same

Wherever I go, the mission will always be there. The same love will sustain me; the same grace will bring me through.

This has been my battlecry since last year and I believe that this is the same message that the Lord has allowed me to embrace for the past two months in training for Mission Worker.

I allowed fears to overcome my heart. I allowed doubts to hinder me from doing God’s will. I let other people’s opinion dictate my way of life. Yet, God’s love and grace remained the same. After everything, after every pitfall and suffering, it was Him who pulled me back― the only One person who stayed and continues to love and bless me.

I still do not know what lies ahead of me, of my family, of my future. But if there’s one thing that I am truly certain of, it is that God’s plan will continue to unfold in my life and He will equip me with the same grace and love to fulfill it with Him.

For the next days to come, I will continue to believe that it is God who has put me here. That I will not be here if not because of Him, and my prayer remains the same:

“Sa kabila ng takot at pangamba,
Sana maging mas matapang na sumagot sa tawag ng Ama,
Sana maging mas matibay ang puso na sundin ang daan patungo sa Kanya,
At maging tunay na mandirigma upang maipaglaban ang pag-ibig Niya.”

There is more to come and I will continue to reckon in His love and embrace His grace to accomplish the mission.


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