Thank You, God ♥

Dearest God,

I know you can see what’s inside my heart. Please heal whatever is broken. Strengthen everything that’s bonded with Your love. Empower me. Make my heart firm in every choice I have to make and make me wise enough to decide for it.

I know You are always there.

I know You watch over me every single second. Dada, things have been drifting apart lately. And I know You’ve seen how it happened. How it affected me and the people around me. But I trust You. I believe in Your capability to restore whatever is wretched and make it whole again.

I know You’ve seen me fight the battle. The battle I can no longer face alone. And when everyone turned away from me, I know You stayed.

I know You stood by me.

You never left.

And I am sorry for the times when I didn’t recognize that.

I am sorry for being blinded by my emotions and didn’t realize You were there comforting me. Loving me, still, despite everything.

Thank You— for holding on to me, for never letting go, for choosing to stay and for loving me.

Thank You— for making it all easy… for carrying the burden for me.

Thank You— because despite everything, You remained the ONLY PERSON who never failed me. In everything.

And I am grateful for that— every single day.

Thank You. For everything.

I love You.

With so much love,

Your Princess ♥

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